The main objective of our digital marketing agency is to help brands promote their products and/or services thanks to Emailing, Display and SMS marketing.

We work hand in hand with brands, whatever the sector in which they develop their activity, internationally.

Each step is important and unique, which is why our strategy adapts to each of your/our projects, your budget, and we optimize your results daily.

Lovvis Advertising has more than 10 years of experience on the market, and we know how you can achieve your goals, at low cost. We have an effective team, who listen to your needs, and offer the most efficient strategy for you. We always want you to be happy regarding our work and the results.

We focus on quality over quantity, and this is why big brands such as Galeries Lafayettes, Petit Bateau, Compramos tu coche, Hello Fresh, Voyage Privé, Club Med and so many others, trust us.

Our key words are transparency, people and communication. Our secret ingredient, both in the kitchen and in the development of our projects: love! And yes, in our robotic society, real handling, good listening and work done with love changes everything… don’t you think?

Who are we?


CEO and Co-Founder of Lovvis

Super patient – Hard worker – Always positive minded… but also a compulsive singer: she can not resist to sing anything, anytime and (almost) anywhere


Founder of Lovvis

Super communicative – Shark of the team – Always focused on the goal… but also super mushy: Celine Dion would be her dream concert and “Farmer Wants a Wife”, her favorite TV show


The Key member of Lovvis

Super caring – Peacemaker of the team – Always finding solutions for everyone… but also our favorite dancing queen: Beyonce and Shakira can step aside, Milena is here to shine!

This full Girl Power team represents together

Loutin Team!

Which are our strengths?

Our passion: We love
what we do

Our experience

Our Customer

Identify your needs

The rapidity of our

The variety of our

Our premium traffic

Tell us where you want to go and we will take care of finding a way to achieve it.

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