Admittedly, the DGMP has cooled many companies in terms of data collection and the acquisition of new users.

But from the Internet user’s point of view, receiving emails without the prior consent of twenty brands a day, without any interest in them, is not very funny either !

With data protection, lead acquisition is more difficult than before, but this panel of potential customers who have subscribed to your newsletter is certified as quality, since they have voluntarily subscribed to it.

It is better to value quality over quantity, don’t you think?

In our consumer society, a little transparency and control on the part of Internet users is a good thing!

Trust is given much more easily, and a good customization of your newsletters with purchasing intentionalists becomes much easier.

Since the e-Privacy law on cookies and the acquisition of personal data, it is much more difficult to study consumer behaviour online. That’s why the trend is back to Emailing!

This communication channel, which has been used for years and which respects Internet users’ data, is coming back in force.

Don’t neglect it, and strengthen your strategy around it !