For companies, digital marketing is the difference between being in the market or not. With the phenomenon of social media, online strategies have gained prominence. This translates into a greater participation of virtual platforms over traditional media in the advertising market. Digital marketing strategies make use of many valuable tools to position a brand in the minds of its target audiences. They range from mass communication campaigns with premium advertising pieces on social networks, to direct and personalised marketing tactics. Among the latter, emailing stands out.

Emailing as a strategy to win new customers

Emailing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. In fact, its importance is such that there are companies specialised in this type of tool. One of the most prominent is Lovvis Advertising, well known in the development of displays. The added value of this company is its mastery of direct marketing through digital platforms.

Their work focuses on databases for their clients, where they locate the target audience and deliver valuable information to them. In this way they position the brand in the minds of their potential consumers. It is not about sending mass mailings to endless lists of users. They look for the buyer persona that has the greatest potential to become a buyer.

Lovvis Advertising professionals explain that email marketing campaigns should be by nature personalised content to appeal to the particular interests of the recipient. They are planned during specific timeframes to coincide with relevant dates for the audience. By doing so, the brand builds a close and empathetic relationship with its audience.

Increasing visibility, generating traffic and increasing sales

For Lovvis Advertising, emailing is the most effective way to gain new customers without incurring large investments. This group of specialists says that the first step is to generate a database by identifying potential recipients. Then their consent to send information is requested and, depending on their profile, the contents are prepared.

One of the working principles of this digital marketing agency in Barcelona is transparency. For this reason, another of its strengths is the ROI (Return Over Investment) of the company’s entire strategy. This involves the use of specific and quantifiable digital metrics to measure the effectiveness of campaigns. That way, clients know what decisions to make based on their brand objectives.

The digital marketing firm says that emailing is a tool with which the agency’s clients are able to increase their visibility. This is increased thanks to a higher traffic that leads to an increase in sales. Lovvis Advertising ensures that to achieve this, the email strategy should not be improvised in its programming and much less in its contents.

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