The Internet advertising network is an agency that sells advertising space to advertisers. This space seller is also known as a display advertising company. In the rest of this article, we will present you the role of an advertising network. We will also present you the advantages of the marketing actions of this intermediary for your company and for your brand.

Advertising network: the main role

On the Internet, it is possible to advertise via different methods. But quite often, the most effective way to reach the public is to broadcast a message on a site whose visitors may be interested in the advertisement.
Thus, a negotiation will be made between the advertiser who wants to diffuse his message and the site which wishes to sell its advertising spaces. This is when the Internet advertising network intervenes as an intermediary to facilitate the negotiation.

Advertising network: to make yourself known

Advertising on the Internet has become indispensable for companies. Indeed, it is the most effective means of communication currently to make itself known or to sell its products and services. And this is even more true for e-commerce sites for everything related to media buying. In order to facilitate the negotiation, it is preferable to go through an Internet advertising agency.

Advertising agency: other services

Internet advertising agencies are companies that design online marketing strategies and campaigns. Using the networks and the virtual as a fundamental way to launch advertising actions.
As in many other respects, the Internet allows a wide range of marketing actions in addition to the sale of advertising space. The services offered by Internet advertising agencies can also be :

  • consulting and planning of online campaigns
  • design and development of websites;
  • corporate identity development
  • web positioning
  • social media marketing
  • e-mail marketing
  • monitoring and evaluation of corporate actions
  • etc.

Advertising agency: areas of action

Marketing generated by Internet advertising agencies has an endless field of action. The integration of a creative and uncommon idea, with the various means and alternatives offered by the networks, can generate really effective campaigns.
The reach of online marketing campaigns can be particularly targeted and address a specific audience interested in your brand, as well as a large number of potential customers. It all depends on your goals and needs.
Although online marketing can cover many areas, we can identify the main areas of action which are AdWords campaigns and website optimization and personalization.