Do you want to use effective strategies to sell your products online and build brand awareness? 

Or are you looking for brands to grow your network and increase your revenue opportunities as an affiliate? 

It’s not easy to find an effective way to generate sales without wasting time.

Rest assured that in both cases, an affiliate strategy will allow you to develop your business. By relying on the strength of a team.

As an expert in advertising campaigns, our job is to connect brands with a powerful network of affiliates to help them achieve their goals:

  • Boost their sales
  • Generate leads from intentional buyers
  • Increase traffic on their site

In this virtuous dynamic, we are constantly looking for new affiliates to expand our network and offer more visibility and targeting to the brands we work with. 

We explain how affiliation works and why you should take advantage of it. 

What is affiliation? 

Affiliation works like a network of business referrers. 

Just imagine. You are an advertiser and you are looking to develop your online visibility, acquire subscribers or sell your products and services. 

As a brand, you can rely on a network of affiliates composed of websites or blogs that will host your offers and multiply your chances of generating business opportunities.

Thus, each customer who will be interested in your brand and/or your products via one of these sites, will allow the affiliate to receive a commission in the form of a percentage on the order, on the acquisition of a new subscriber, or on the visit of a potential customer on your website.

The system works with different types of pricing: cost per click (CPC), cost per lead (CPL), cost per thousand (CPM) and cost per purchase (CPA).

What are the advantages of affiliation? 

Everyone wins in this system. 

First of all, the customer, who buys a product or a service thanks to an advantageous offer. 

Secondly, the brand, which relies on ultra-fine databases to sell its products. 

Indeed, each affiliate has its own database segmented according to :

  • gender
  • age
  • geolocation
  • centers of interest

By pooling the databases, you achieve unparalleled strength and depth. With the possibility of targeting the international market! 

Finally, the affiliate also benefits from the system because he will be able to expand his network of brands and therefore increase his earning potential. 

3 reasons to rely on a partner like Lovvis Advertising

As a specialist in digital advertising, we advise big brands such as Les Galeries Lafayettes, but also more modest advertisers. 

As such, our agency : 

  1. Has an extensive and active portfolio of affiliates but also direct clients: the strength of our network will allow you to carry out targeted and large-scale operation
  2. Guarantees the respect of the confidentiality of your data thanks to a network respectful of the RGPD
  3. Tailors commission systems to your objectives. You can opt for :
  • commission on sales
  • commission per lead to get qualified forms
  • commission per click
  • the commission on the volume of emails sent