Would you have the idea to sit on a chair with one leg missing? 

Possible but risky… 

When it comes to marketing strategy, it’s the same thing. You want to develop your reach, generate clicks and purchase intent?

Being visible and reaching the right targets to develop your sales requires building a solid action plan, based on complementary customer capture actions. 

Along with emailing, display is one of the most effective levers to : 

  • boost your brand awareness
  • increase your traffic
  • encourage the purchase of your products and services 

We explain you what it is, why use it and how Lovvisad can help you. 

What is display? 

Do you remember the old press insert? A well chosen visual accompanied by an inciting text. The basis of advertising. A display ad is almost the same thing. Except that the arrival of the web and the evolution of websites have given it a second wind. 

First of all in the form. 

Thanks to the display, you can give free rein to your creativity and adopt a simple banner, a video, and even integrate sound.

Nowadays, everyone is looking for information about the products and services he/she wants to buy. And more and more from their mobile! 

This is a golden opportunity for companies who want to sell or promote their brands, because they can now reach their target with an unequalled level of visibility and targeting. 

Why use display with Lovvis Advertising? 

Display allows you to combine visibility and performance. What we at Lovvisad call perforability.

Thanks to the display, you can target the sites visited by your customers or directly reach consumers thanks to very fine segmentation criteria such as

  • socio-demographic indicators (age, gender, income)
  • geolocation: you can target a city, a department or a region
  • interests: you can reach, for example, all people who like running or decorating
  • retargeting: you can reach people who have already consulted products on your site in order to convert them

We are an advertising agency with expertise in connecting your ads with the sites on which they will appear.

As such, we know the recipe for a successful display campaign, whether it’s to :

  • develop impressions from your ads
  • encourage purchases 

We advise you in the choice of formats with the possibility of making custom creations. 

We adapt to your objectives by proposing pay-per-click, per-lead or per-sale depending on the campaigns deployed. 

We optimize your campaigns daily to obtain the best results. 

All this, without any commitment.