We have known for a few years now that customizing your newsletters is essential!

Adding the recipient’s first and last name automatically is a classic. But is it enough?

An email must already stand out in your Internet user’s inbox. The automatic pre-filling of your Sender/Subject is therefore the first step.

The Internet user must feel that the email does not come from a grouped message: He wants it to be sent for him only, and that you send him a unique and special message. As if you had thought of him when working on the content of your newsletter. Your offer must be adapted to your target audience, and to do so, you must pay particular attention to the purchasing behaviour of your recipients. The more personalized the offer is, the more he will convert!

Segment your mailing lists more, you will see more clearly, and personalization will seem much easier!
For each of these lists, make different offers adapted to the target audience.

No need to load your content: a simple newsletter, with one or two main products, and Direct Call to Action buttons to shorten shopping steps and you’re done!

But don’t get too simple either. You need to find the perfect balance between dynamic and non-overloaded content. ​

Also think of thank you emails after the purchase of a product, for their birthday, for their party, or separate messages such as electronic till receipts for a better environment etc… Finally, for companies with more resources, think of advanced personalization, as Netflix does for example, which anticipates your desires by offering you new movies or series according to your tastes! Take the time to test the customization to find the one that is right for you!