Generating leads is one of the main objectives of marketing professionals. To make this work at its best, it is necessary to know very well how the mechanics of lead generation work, in order to then be able to apply a series of techniques that contribute to its increase.

Lovvis Advertising is an agency specialising in digital marketing and acts as an intermediary between brands that want to attract new customers and those who manage databases internally at national and international level. Through e-mailing and display marketing, they have achieved effective results thanks to the management of potential clients and the creation of strategies that are adapted to each project.


Lead acquisition

A lead is a user who provides their details in a form on a website at a given time. When they provide their personal information, they lose their anonymity and become a contact that can be followed up. To achieve an effective marketing strategy, it is necessary to carry out lead acquisition, a process that refers to all the actions that are focused on getting more contacts to nurture the database.

Some basic characteristics that the identified users must have are their email address and that they have previously accepted the company’s privacy policy, otherwise it is not legally possible to follow up with them in order to send more messages. A good database allows the execution of more advanced marketing actions such as lead scoring, which is used to classify leads and identify the customers most prepared to purchase, and lead nurturing, which refers to the sending of chains of personalised messages by email with the aim of leading the user to make the purchase of the product or service.


Effective channels to generate leads

In the digital sphere, there are several ways and techniques that work for lead generation. One is content marketing, which consists of preparing and publishing valuable material that generates interest in the target audience, in such a way as to make the purchase of the brand’s product or service effective. Social networks are another channel that can be used to generate leads, with downloadable content to direct users to landing pages, where they can access offers in exchange for data.

Another way to obtain data is to establish a collaboration with portals that are aligned to the products or services that the company is offering, as between them they can cross-send downloadable content and increase the number of possibilities of obtaining qualified leads.

The use of these channels is well known by the team at Lovvis Advertising, a digital agency specialising in marketing strategies that works as an intermediary between those who want to attract new customers and the agencies that manage databases.