Nowadays, e-mail is still one of the most widely used means of communication among users. This is because its structure and operation is more effective than other tools when it comes to initiating and managing a professional conversation.

That is why Lovvis Advertising offers companies a marketing strategy that makes the most of this means of communication. This strategy is emailing, which consists of promoting a brand, product or service by sending mass mailings to a list of contacts.

Why use emailing to promote a brand?

Emailing or e-mail marketing is a digital marketing strategy that helps companies and freelancers to attract new customers through the mass mailing of personalised messages. These contacts can come from the business’ own list or from another company that has a database, whose users fit the desired profile. The reason this strategy is so effective is that it allows businesses to plan their promotional message further in advance.

Lovvis Advertising also mentions that emailing as a marketing strategy is one of the most cost-effective strategies that small and medium-sized businesses can use in terms of management. In addition to this, email marketing is among the advertising strategies that provide the highest ROI in the digital world. ROI can be defined as the return on investment that a company receives after the execution of any advertising or other strategy created in order to attract potential customers.

Other advantages of using emailing in advertising campaigns

Emailing is also an excellent way to engage in a closer conversation with users. Although this strategy is based on sending mass messages to a large list of contacts, by the time the customer responds, the interaction will still be 1 to 1.

For the most part, people use e-mail as a more personal and professional means of communication, with which they manage and administer messages of greater interest or importance. This is why email marketing strategies are often more effective in converting a visitor or stranger into a potential customer. Other advantages of emailing is that it helps companies to segment their target audience and allows for the evaluation of the results of advertising campaigns. Lovvis Advertising’s job is to find a database with users that are of great interest to the brands that hire them and to execute their e-mail marketing strategies in an optimal, fast and economical way.

Lovvis Advertising is a digital company that specialises in the execution of marketing strategies based on emailing. This is because this strategy helps brands to achieve higher ROI and attract a greater number of new customers.