With the rapid advancement of new technologies, companies of all kinds are forced to use the many existing digital tools to achieve various business objectives, such as selling, brand positioning or increasing reach.

Thus, in order to succeed in the digital transformation of any business, it is essential to have the support, advice and accompaniment of digital marketing professionals, who with their knowledge can give the right approach to the necessary strategies to meet the goals set.

From Lovvis Advertising, an agency specialising in emailing and display, the main objective is to help companies to promote their products and services, through an assertive communication with the public that yields visible results in the short term.


Importance of emailing in digital marketing

As in any other area that is part of the marketing process, it is the specialists in each sector who can ensure that the tasks are completed successfully. Digital marketers, on the other hand, will ensure that relevant product or service information reaches the specific target audience, increasing the chances of purchase and customer loyalty.

In this context, email marketing or emailing is an essential tool in any sales strategy, as it is one of the most efficient and direct methods of communication with the user. It allows the information to be permanently present in the inbox of your subscribers, and moreover, with a minimum cost per outreach.


Digital marketing tools at Lovvis Advertising

In addition to emailing, Lovvis Advertising takes advantage of the benefits of display advertising. Both tools allow a massive communication with a specific niche, promoting visits to a website and achieving greater dissemination of the product or service.

On the other hand, they are in charge of defining the purpose of the campaign and evaluating it, preparing the database, establishing the content, advising and promoting all the products or services that have been established with the client. They also adapt to the needs of each project with the appropriate strategies to achieve the promotion and sales objectives.

Lovvis Advertising works for all sectors, while in practice they define themselves as dynamic, perfectionist and willing to attend to any proposal with quality, professionalism, friendliness, creativity and transparency.

Their objective at all times is to offer an optimal service, adapted to each client, and to ensure the growth of the companies or businesses that come to them.