Digital advertising is booming. Indeed, campaigns in the media make it easier to measure the return on investment. That’s why, with the constant increase in online advertising space, Display campaigns have become one of the most widely used digital marketing techniques for companies promoting their products and services online.

What is a Display campaign?

Display advertising is a marketing strategy that displays a banner on a website that has been registered with Google for the purpose of placing ads. In other words, these are ads displayed via the Google Display Network, a network that brings together all the websites, apps and videos where you can appear depending on your audience or marketing strategy. These ads are typically displayed at the top or side of the destination website and their format has evolved over time.

Why do you do Display campaigns?

Below, we explain why you should rely on Display advertising to promote your products and services.

Great segmentation options

Display advertising allows you to segment by location, gender, age, interests, keywords, themes, etc. By combining everything correctly, you ensure that you are spending money to impress the audience that may be truly interested in your product or service.

More Traffic

With Display campaigns, you get more traffic than with search campaigns. Globally, 90% of users are on the Display Network. With smart, interactive ads, you can launch more personalized messages. This, coupled with the detailed segmentation factor, increases the chances of users clicking on them.

More effective

Unlike search campaigns, display campaigns don’t respond to a demand, but generate a demand. Thanks to the attraction capacity of banners, it is possible to generate a very powerful visual impact. At the same time, by showing these banners to the right person at the right time and place, you can achieve great results.

More Results

With a Display campaign, the ads will be shown on the pages most related to your product. Google will take care of this, as will YouTube, if you need it. In addition, it should be noted that you will have more flexibility in customizing the ads.

In fact, in addition to targeting your audience and where your ads will be displayed, you can contextualize the campaign as much as possible by topic to ensure that you reach the right audience in well-defined niches.