Have you ever invested in marketing campaigns that don’t work and lost time and money?

Maybe you are not able to reach new targets? Or are you generating too few subscriptions to your newsletters?

And you think that emailing is now obsolete and that it will not generate ROI. 

Yet did you know that 4.20% of buyers come from email marketing against 2.5% for search engines and 0.59% for social networks?

As a low cost and high ROI device, e-mailing is a crucial pillar of your marketing strategy.

LovvisAd, expert in e-mail marketing and digital advertising for many years, explains the benefits of e-mailing and the advantages of being accompanied.

Why do e-mailing? 

We have already assisted dozens of clients, including well-known brands such as La Once, Petit Bateau and Galeries Lafayette.

By enabling them to generate sales. 

Also in terms of e-mailing, we know how to activate the right levers to obtain surprising results! And allow you to :

  • Easily reach new customers wherever they are, 24 hours a day
  • Expand your database
  • Boost your brand awareness with customized and striking visuals
  • Increase your sales at a lower cost
  • Know your customers better and understand what interests them 

Trust us and we will help you achieve the results you want thanks to our expert support, which is part of a partnership approach.

Now imagine this.

You arrive at the office in the morning and open your mailbox to consult the report of your last campaign.

You’re gloating over the results. Your traffic has jumped (and so have you). You’ve generated over 10,000 opens out of 100,000@ sent!

You go a little further in the analysis. You see that many sales are coming in. Your ROI explodes!

However, there is nothing magical about it, we reassure you. It is all a question of patience, of formalizing the messages and choosing the target.

How can Lovvisad help you? 

But let’s talk more about our expertise in emailing and the reasons of its efficiency. With Lovvisad you benefit from :

Customized advertising campaigns to adapt to your products and services, impact your customers and sell more

  • A strategy designed according to your needs and objectives to meet your expectations
  • A close accompaniment at each stage of the campaign to guide you and reassure you
  • Optimal routing of your campaign thanks to our qualified network to deliver the right message to the right target
  • A/B tests and real-time metrics for further optimization
  • A responsive design to deliver more mobile conversions

And that’s not all!

You will be able to reach your targets internationally and also customize your mailings.

And don’t forget our affiliate community that will adapt to all your targets.

Now how much do you think you should invest in such a solution? You’d be surprised… the investment is so small compared to what it can bring you.

And all this without any commitment.

So… Ready to try the adventure?